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Failures and solutions of gate locks Manufacturers china

Gate locks Manufacturers China is a device used to lock the door to prevent others from opening the door as the name suggests. There are many classifications of gate locks Manufacturers China, and the requirements for gate locks Manufacturers China are different on various occasions. Ordinary households generally use anti-theft gate locks Manufacturers China, which is high in security and relatively cheap.

A brief introduction to the relevant knowledge of Low price mortise lock manufacturers

First insert the key to unscrew the lock core and remove the lock body from the U-shaped hook.

Several possibilities and solutions for the anti-theft door lock not opening

Because the safety bolt button inside the door is loose, too much force is used when closing the door, and the safety bolt is shaken down. The lock cylinder can be turned with the original key, but the door cannot be opened

front door handleset from China manufacturer introduces the relevant knowledge of door handles

The door handle is an indispensable and indispensable door accessory. It has both decorative and functional properties. Under normal circumstances, door handles do not need to be purchased separately, because doors sold on the market will be equipped with door handles, but the usage rate of door handles is very high, and it is easy to fall off and paint off.

The door lock was accidentally locked, what should I do?

In life, it is inevitable that some accidents will cause the door lock to be violently closed, such as being closed by a sudden gust of wind, etc. These violent door closings are likely to cause the horn lock tongue to easily unhook and malfunction, or the door is distorted or locked. The tongue fixing screw is loose and protruding, etc., which causes the door lock to jam the door frame and cannot be opened. What should I do if the door lock cannot be opened? The editor reminds you to first understand what causes the door lock to fail to open.

How to remove the handle door lock

The handle of the door lock is a door handle. The manufacturing process is relatively simple and the cost is low. The handle door lock is a type of lock that is relatively easy to disassemble in the eyes of experts. So it is not difficult for ordinary people to disassemble the door lock. As long as you have a screwdriver, add the correct steps. How to remove the handle door lock?

Fingerprint ZigBee lock introduction: mechanical technology related knowledge of fingerprint lock!

The reasonable design of the front and rear panels, that is, the appearance, is a sign that is significantly different from similar products. More importantly, the internal structure layout directly determines the stability and function of the product. This process involves multiple links such as design, mold making, and surface treatment. Therefore, manufacturers with more styles, relatively speaking, have stronger development and design capabilities and better stability.

What should I do if the door lock does not open smoothly? What causes it?

Door locks are widely used and can be seen every day, but there are many levels of anti-theft door locks, that is, anti-theft level. The following is a comparison table of anti-theft technical indicators of anti-theft door locks. According to this comparison table, we can understand the safety performance of our own door-level locks.

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